posted on JUN 04 2015
Posted by dr. RAVI GANDHI

few years back , it was like a nightmare for a patient to undergo root canal treatment . as they had to visit a dental office for more than 3 time for a single tooth to be treated by RCT. 

But today due to the invention of rotary endodontics and digital xrays we are able to do SINGLE VISIT RCT in most of the cases. due to this procedure infection control of the tooth has increased by many folds and patient is able to chew almost from the same week ..

Due to single visit procedure patients are motivated to save more natural tooth and this has increased the overall dental health of patient compared to last decade. 

longevity of a RCT is depend on overall patients oral hygiene and patients physical condition. ideally a RCT should last for more than 10-15 years for young adults.